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Global Users

Sell your products to a plethora of users worldwide.

Real-Time Sales & Marketing

Live Shop empowers Sellers to make real-time sales and also market the product at the same time.

Score Metrics

Manage your Seller score to provide exceptional customer service and stand out.

Collaboration Tool

A profitable tool that allows you to collaborate with top-notch Creators and boost your sales.

Transparent Analytics

Get to know the user behaviour, demographics, and more!

Insight on Sales

Keep complete track of your sales.

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Go through a plethora of information that will help you kickstart your Seller journey.

Seller’s Hub Portal

Seller’s Hub gives complete control to manage your sales activity. Right from listing your first product, managing your orders to shipping and after-sale services.

Live Shop

What if you could just sit at home & do some street shopping in Thailand or simply order the latest fashion trends in New York? It’s possible with the Live Shop!


Looking for the right talent? Leave that to us. A team of relationship managers is here to find the best social stars that connect with your brand.


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