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XUPPI is a social commerce platform that makes e-commerce entertaining via live streaming. A place where you can partner with verified influencers & live streamers and tap into their fanbase & enable on-spot sales in a social way. As a seller on Xuppi, we expect you to sell top quality products along with after-sale services to attain the best customer experience.




  • Only verified products are listed
  • Effective return/exchange & refund policies
  • Delivery schedules are monitored
  • Robust review and feedback mechanism
  • Product features are exemplified, influencing consumers to make better decisions
  • Regular updates on product offerings and features


  • Boosted sales by authentic influencers.
  • Products are well demonstrated
  • Product features & benefits are well explained
  • Brands collab with reliable ambassadors which enhances reliability on their products
  • Brands control the story conveyed to their customers
  • Faster and reliable word-of- mouth publicity
  • Visual storefront displaying actual products

Influencers & Creators

  • Quality product to endorse.
  • Variety of products to suit the creators personality
  • Minimal customer lash back and trolls as effectiveness and efficiency is not compromised, leading to increased faith
  • Products well suited for the creators’ audience’s profile
  • Creators use authentic (original) videos using the products
  • Focus on building relationships than conversions adding to creators fanbase

Xuppi’s Edge

When you become a selling partner on Xuppi, you step into the Xuppi marketplace, where you meet thousands of verified Sellers and get access to millions of active buyers around the world. Whether you sell one product or millions, Xuppi helps you achieve the best customer satisfaction. Transparent analytics of sales, trust-based interaction, curated resale network, on-spot sales, extensive reach, and so much more! This is your platform for discovery.

Live Commerce

Social Network

Social Reselling

Chat-led Commerce

Extensive Reach

Become a trusted Seller on Xuppi

Before You Get Started on Xuppi

Here are a few things you need to do before starting your journey as a Seller on Xuppi.

KYC Registration
In order to complete your registration, please ensure you have the following handy
  • Active mobile number
  • Business Registration details – Number, VAT or GST numbers
  • Owner’s ID Documents – National ID Card, Passport, or Driving License
  • Tax ID Details – Pan Card, Sales Tax depending on your country
  • Chargeable Credit Card (Optional)
  • Business Bank Details for Payouts
  • Uploading documents – Certificate of Incorporation, Cancelled Cheque or bank letters

Seller’s Hub

Xuppi provides every Seller with a dashboard called the Seller’s Hub. A hub where you can have a 360° view of your sales on Xuppi.

Seller’s Hub gives complete control to manage your sales activity. Right from listing your first product, managing your orders to shipping and after-sale services. Think of Seller’s Hub as your go-to resource for selling on Xuppi, including user data, viewership, and sales of each posting. It’s a portal to your Xuppi business.

The Product Details Page

As you’re building your product details page, try to think about what will help customers find your products, discover answers to their questions, and make a purchasing decision. Aim for the ultimate customer experience by making your listings concise, accurate, and easy to understand.

Compliance - Tax, Refunds, and Shipping

Deliver frictionless experience with Xuppi!

As a selling partner on Xuppi, you are complying with your tax obligations depending on the nature of your business. This steps you to ensure your compliance and the solutions that are available for you to utilise. However, we don’t solicit any legal advice. We, as a platform, help you to ensure that you achieve your tax obligations.

UK & Europe

Sellers from Europe and UK have to comply with VAT for the sale of the product. Therefore, sellers with a vat number should show the VAT charged, including the VAT rate.


Sellers from India needs to follow GST compliance. Under GST Law, the HSN Code (Harmonised system of nomenclature) is used for the classification of products/goods and apply GST rates while filing returns.


At Xuppi, we follow the best industry standards to attain maximum customer and seller satisfaction. We stand as a platform that provides services to buyers as well as our sellers.

In case of returns, the buyer must return the item directly to the seller w.r.t. their refund policy. Sellers are required to fill refund policy while listing the products. In case of Sellers refund is not clear or missing from the product listing, then Xuppi general refund policy will apply.

Sellers are required to provide a legal warranty to the buyers for refunds & returns for a reasonable amount of time in case the product is not as described, faulty, damaged or defective. The time varies depending on the item and its value.


  • Review the speed and cost of postage before providing a delivery service to the customers
  • A specific ETA (When the item would be delivered)
  • Most items within the handling time specified in the listing
  • The costs incurred by you and related to the cost of posting and handling items should be included.
  • Upload accurate tracking details. The tracking number uploaded must match the delivery location provided in the listing
  • Mark the item “dispatched” as soon as it has been dispatched from the Seller’s location.

Delivering Your Products

On Xuppi, Sellers have the choice to deliver the products on their own or opt for smart shipping with FBX.

Being a Seller on Xuppi, you can always choose how you wish to deliver your products. With FBX, we give you more space to focus on your products and sales by leaving the delivery part all to us. You can opt for this option while listing your products on Seller Dashboard. For more information, check the Shipping page.

How Delivery works on Xuppi

Seller’s Score Metrics

In simple words, better customer experience means better score metrics. Seller Metrics provides buyers insights into your business. Buyers can view short and long-term seller rating metrics, including detailed feedback. In simple words, better customer experience means better score metrics.

Sellers can resolve any situation by researching the reason behind each negative rating, addressing the buyer’s issues, followed by making improvements to your processes and policies.

Buyer Feedback Ratings

Buyers can leave feedback on your seller’s profile; there are 2 types of feedbacks.

  • Seller feedback
  • Product feedback
Seller Feedback

A buyer has an option to mention detailed seller parameters in the following areas:

  • Item description– How accurately have they described the product?
  • Communication– How well the Seller communicated?
  • Shipping time Shipping time – How accurately have they described the product?
  • Shipping and handling charges– Were the shipping and handling charges reasonable?
Product Feedback
  • We use a 5 Star rating system.
  • Buyers can write their comment reviews for the product purchased.
  • Buyers get an option to upload the picture of the product delivered in case of showing the defect, damaged package or explaining any other issue.

Ratings and how they will be displayed to the buyer

A buyer will rate the Seller using a 5-star system which will be clubbed into categories as below:

  • Positive feedback:Average rating of 5 or 4 stars
  • Neutral feedback:Average rating of 3 stars
  • Negative feedback:Average rating of 2 or 1 star

How to Grow on Xuppi

We’re a platform for sales! Sellers can use the power of Live Shop and Influencers to skyrocket their sales.

Collaborate with Influencer & Live stream Hosts
  • We work with sellers to increase visibility and sales for their stores and products by helping them partner with influencers & live streamers.
  • Xuppi provides interactive live shop to sellers where they can collaborate with influencers who can spread sellers’ product to their fanbase.
  • Multi-hosted interactive streaming is a scenario where multiple hosts interact with each other in a live streaming channel.
  • During streaming, the host can manage the host seats and invite the audience members to become a co-host.
  • Additionally, the audience members can also apply to become a co-host.
  • There is no certain formula to guarantee your growth but sticking to the basic principles is always the best decision. Hereby, here are the key things that you should focus on in your first 60 days as a seller on Xuppi.

Things to Focus in your First 60 Days

Attract Buyers


Reasonable Price


Super Fast Delivery


Excellent Customer Service
  • Maintain a score of the seller’s hub.
  • Timely issuance of refunds.
  • Speedy management of the return.
  • Great & friendly communication with buyers.
  • Good rating says it all.
  • Top-class packaging and courier services
  • Aim to supply with fast shipping option free of charge.
  • Keep track of stock to avoid order cancellations.
Grow on Xuppi
  • Focus on driving traffic to your profile and to your products.
  • Promote on social media.
  • Run flash sale to encourage buyers to take advantage of low pricing.
  • Use an affiliate marketing campaign to boost sales prospects.
  • Do live virtual event. streams and start selling globally.
  • Build your brand by creating content around commerce.
The Important “Don’t”
  • Don’t do SLA infringements.
  • Don’t send inappropriate communications.
  • Don’t open more than one seller account.
  • Don’t sell a product that is prohibited.
  • Don’t add misleading picture or video of the product.
  • Don’t list fake products or branded products without a license.

Build your Brand with us

Give confidence to your buyers by registering your brand. Identify with us, we provide sellers with a verified brand tag which also helps in search results when buyers use a filter for brands.

Registration of brands by sellers helps us in finding trademark infringement cases and IP right Violations.

You can choose to register as a brand or as a reseller, you need the following things handy:

Register as a Brand

Sellers are required to submit the following documents for approval

  • Name of the brand
  • Type of Trademark: Text Or Figurative
  • Trademark Number
  • Registration Body (e.g. EUIPO, WIPO)
  • Country of Registration
  • Status: Active Registered Or Pending
Register as an Authorised Seller

Sellers are required to submit the following documents for approval:

  • Brand authorisation letter
  • Invoice from an authorised distributor or authorised supplier
  • MRP Label on the product
  • Product image
  • Packing images
  • Licenses and other permission documents