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Seller’s Hub gives complete control to manage your sales activity. Right from listing your first product, managing your orders to shipping and after-sale services. Think of Seller’s Hub as your go-to resource for selling on Xuppi, including user data, viewership, and sales of each posting.

List your First Product

In order to start selling products on Xuppi, You must add the product to the inventory.

Look to the section called “All Products” and “click on Add Product”. You must add all the details of the product in this section; it is important that you provide as much possible information that gives confidence to the consumer who will make a purchase.

Adding product builds your inventory which works like a warehouse where you keep track of all stocks before you actually make each listing

Add Product Details

For listing your first product, you need the following information:
  • Title of the product
  • SKU
  • Product Description
  • Variants -Size,Color,Material,style
  • Shipping Rate - National/International
  • Packing Information
  • HS Code - Also know as HSN Code
  • Product Images for all variants & Video if explain about your product.

You are required to set your own refund policy, warranties, guarantee & shipping policy; this makes it easier for the consumer to make an informed buying decision.

Active Listing

Once you have added a product in the “All Products” section, in order to make that product available to your customers for purchasing, you will have to move the product to the “Active List” via the Active listing section.

This is to give you better control over pricing offers, and you can keep a tab on the stock quantity at any given time.

You will be asked to add the available quantity per variant and add prices into 3 section – Maximum Retail price, Sale price & Special price. If you leave any 3 prices blank, the rest will be shown, but Maximum retail price is mandatory.

Order Management

Look for the “Orders” tab in your dashboard; this is the place where you manage all your order once your consumers have made the purchase. Order Section is divided into the following sections:
  • All Orders
  • SKU
  • Unshipped
  • Dispatch
  • Delivered
  • Returned
  • Cancelled
  • Archived
Order allows you to issue a refund, cancel orders, print invoice, print label etc.

Performance & Customer Service

XUPPI marketplace has high standards for customer services. Sellers are required to maintain minimum thresholds to avoid being suspended from the platform. Under the “Performance” tab, sellers get full control over how they are performing and what to improve.

We measure performance with the below metrics
  • Seller’s Feedback Reviews
  • Product Feedback Reviews
  • Late Dispatch rate
  • Order Return Rate
  • Seller’s Cancellation Rate
  • Late Delivery Rate
  • SLA infringements
  • Chargebacks
  • Platform Guarantee return rate

Refund, Return, and Exchange

Sellers are required to fill Refund & Return Policy while listing the product. Xuppi is an intermediate platform that allows sellers to sell products to consumers.

Sellers are required to respond to consumers within 24-48 hours of receiving a refund or return request, failure to ensure speedy replies to consumers results in a negative rating of sellers. Xuppi ensures that the consumer receives a great shopping experience.

Xuppi doesn’t allow a request for exchanges; however, sellers are free to communicate with the consumers using the Chat section on the platform.